Qian Baijia | CoEnzyme Youth Perfect Serum | High Performance Anti-Wrinkle

With Hyaluronic Acid | Men and Women


Ideal For: Advanced Wrinkles, Age Spots and Dehydration

The ultimate anti-wrinkle high performance serum. Qianbaijias Coenzyme Perfect Youth Serum is quickly becoming the most talked about anti-aging product on the market today. This aqueous Anti Aging Serum by Qian Baijia is especially suited to improve skin elasticity and moisture and deep wrinkles. Therefore it can be used by those who wish to increase moisture and combat wrinkles. It is a watery fluid which is applied to freshly cleansed damp skin. It must be given 2 - 5 minutes in order to soak into the lower dermal. It is followed by a deeply hydrating cream or serum as recommended by a qualified skin practitioner.

With active peptides which work on the upper dermal layer to increase and support collagen growth, Qian Baijia Co Enzyme Anti-Aging Serum, contains hyaluronic acid for advanced anti-aging results. Hyaluronic acid is naturally present in the human body where its function is to keep the body moist by holding up to 1000% more moisture in. Qian Baijia CoEnzyme Anti-Aging Perfect Youth Serums function, is to offer deep hydration and moisture. It actively holds moisture in the skin where it is needed to plump out wrinkles and fine lines over time.

No other compound found in nature can hold as much moisture in the skin as HA which is why Qian Baijia CoEnzyme Anti-Aging Serum is considered the very best product to use to increase hydration, firmness and create skin that is smooth and free of wrinkles.

Directions for usage: Wait 24 - 72 Hours after Microdermabrasion or Skin Needling if the skin is very sensitive, red or inflammed. Apply the serum onto damp towel dried skin. Day Wear: Seal the serum into the skin by applying Qian Baijia Co Enzyme Anti Aging Repair Essence on top after 5 minutes or less. This ensures that active moisture is locked into the skin. Night Wear: Seal the serum into the skin by apply Qian Baijia Collagen Anti-Wrinkle Serum on top after 5 minutes or less. This ensures a slow release of active moisture which improves skin hydratation levels and supports new cell growth over 8 hours as you sleep