Qian Baijia | CoEnzyme Repair Serum Creme | Repair and Fresh

With Collagen Peptides | Men and Women

Ideal For: Fine Lines and Normal or Dehydrated Skin

When it's time to reconstruct and build the skin to repair damage caused by environmental factors and the aging process, this divine and refreshing anti-wrinkle anti-aging co-enzyme peptide cream essence containing a unique and graceful blend of ingredients such as peony extract Vitamin E, ginkgo and silk protein offers full rehabilitation starting deep within the dermis.

This hydrating cream serum is especially suited to repair fine wrinkles and lines and for a super moisture boost. Qian Baijias peptide rich repair serum is particularly favoured by those who wish to regenerate the entire skin to create a beautiful healthy epidermis over a number of weeks.

Peptides are known to support the growth of collagen in the skin and can contribute to younger looking skin when used as part of a professional skin rejuvenation programme. Due to its rich peptide content this product can be used to "seal" and lock moisture into the skin. Qian Baijia Co Enzyme Repair Serum contains plant cuticle which also helps seal moisture deep within the heart of the dermis. The sumptuous luxury of vitamin E and other plant extracts allows your skin to feel instantly comfortable and soft and deeply moisturised.

Can be used on its own for skin that needs daily hydration.

Qian Baijia Co Enzyme Anti Aging Repair Serum can be applied after Qian Baijia CoEnzyme Anti-Aging Serum to seal the moisture deep within the skin as a high performance addition to your skin care programme.

Use With: Qian Baijia CoEnzyme Anti-Aging Serum