Qian Baijia | Caviar Sea Mineral Extract Firming Elastic Facial Mask | Firming Neck And Face

For All Skin types including sensitive skin | Ideal For Men and Women


Very often the neck and lower face shows tell tale signs of aging. Thats because the skin on the neck and lower face is thinner and more delicate and loses elasticity over time. Sagging skin around the neck and lower facial areas are targeted specifically with Qianbaijias Firming Caviar Neck and Facial Mask.

On special nights of the year, the pacific ocean lights up with millions of microscopic organisms and sea life. This is where you will find the treasure trove of rich caviar based minerals found in this beautiful bio sea mineral mask which is used to firm, boost elasticity and strengthen sagging skin on the neck and face.

Qian Baijias Firming Carviar Neck and Facial Mask contains rare proteins and nutrients found in carviar extract, which is sourced and harvested from the deep waters of the Pacific ocean. This unique blend of caviar extract contains amino acids, oligonucleotide-elements, mineral salts, and structural proteins, collagen, juniper berries and silk peptide protein which build and firm the skin around the neck and lower face.

May be used after microdermabrasion, micro needling, derma rolling and other treatments under instruction from your skin care practitioner or doctor. Do not use if the skin is notably inflamed.