QBEKA - Collagen Concentrate Serum

Plant Based High Concentrate | Men and Women

Ideal For: Fine Lines and Normal or Dehydrated Skin

Collagen serum is used to keep the skin taut and prevent sagging.

Make your skin happy on the inside with this high concentrate collagen serum designed to reach deep inside the skin. Collagen plays a major role in the elasticity of the skin and is therefore a key factor for any advanced anti-aging skin programme. Hydra Facial: These serum concentrates contain pure ingredients which are applied to damp skin and allowed to soak for 2 - 5 minutes during the QBEKA Hydra Facial. Each serum is layered onto the skin to address all 3 signs of aging. Choose from 3 major hydrating serums to make your skin really happy on the inside. 1. Collagen 2. Hyaluronic 3. Coenzyme Q10

This unique serum is designed to create a "Happy" balance and is renowned for its incredible ability to increase elasticity and promote the synthesis of natural collagen quickly enabling you body to restore your skins natural fibrous structure and enhance vitality from deep inside the epidemal layer. The result is younger looking firmer skin over time.

Plant based collagens unique formula helps promote a supple dermis especially in areas prone to sagging like the neck, jaw and eye areas.

Its time to make aging skin Happy again by providing the very best daily source of concentrated plant based collagen. After cleansing skin with the recommended QBEKA cleaner, apply morning and evening or as required on damp skin. Pat onto the skin. Apply additional layers of hyaluronic acid serum until required hydration is achieved.