QBEKA - Coenzyme Q10 Serum

Plant Based High Concentrate | Men and Women

Ideal For: All Skin Types especially those prone to redness, rosacea and broken veins

CoEnzyme Q10 Serum helps to restore the skins natural vitality by delaying and reversing the aging process of the skin. It is especially useful to soften skin that has undergone UV damage for the sun.

Make your skin happy on the inside with this high concentrate Coenzyme Q10 serum, a major contributor to skin and cell repair. Coenzyme Q10 should be used to repair sun damaged skin as well as on skin that is prone to rosacea, red veins and broken capillaries.

Listen up men. Save from the shave to calm the rage of follicular impaction and inflammed skin after shaving.

Hydra Facial: These serum concentrates contain pure ingredients which are applied to damp skin and allowed to soak for 2 - 5 minutes during the QBEKA Hydra Facial. Each serum is layered onto the skin to address all 3 signs of aging. Choose from 3 major hydrating serums to make your skin really happy on the inside. 1. Collagen 2. Hyaluronic 3. Coenzyme Q10

This powerful  natural anti-aging vitamin helps reverse the affects of free radical damage. It is natures anti-oxidant and is ideal for those who suffer from redness and broken veins during to aging and UV damage.

This unique formula helps promote new cell growth and balancing the complexion.

During the aging process, the skin produces less of the natural CoEnzyme Q10 found in the human body. The result is dull skin which is prone to redness and wrinkles. Applied regularly it will help prevent signs aging and restore the natural vitality of the skin. Its time to make your skin Happy by giving it what it needs to stay younger looking longer.